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The Baby in Black


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Last month, I grabbed the camera and took a few shots of my son. He was wearing a t-shirt of his namesake, so I thought it appropriate to do a little set up. I also felt inspired to write the lyrics below, based on Johnny Cash's "The Man in Black."


Cash Jones Covey was 6 months old when I took this picture.




The Baby in Black

I wear black for the peas Mommy makes me eat

And the useless shoes she puts on my feet

I wear it for the diapers in the pale

That no human being should have to smell


I wear black for my sister's doll

Whose head I couldn't help but maul

And for her stuffed toy Mickey Mouse

That found its way into my mouth


I wear black for the times I will fall

As I learn to walk, not crawl

I wear it for the binkies that didn't make it

And for the times when Mommy had to fake it


I wear black for the loss of sleep

That Mommy suffers every time I weep

I wear it for the bottle of sour milk

I spilled on Mommy's shirt of silk


I wear black for the broken toys

And for that funny burping noise

I wear it for my Mommy's hair

That got in the peas on my high chair


Until Mommies can sleep all night,

Until babies no longer cry, and don't have to nap

Until I figure out how duckies quack

I'm the Baby in Black

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