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How would you change Les Pauls and SGs?


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I'm not quite with you, Alan.


Surely the re-issues are pretty near representations of those instruments? Braz rosewood is out, of course, but otherwise how are they really any different from the originals?






Indeed, Pippy. I'd love to buy a reissue but there's just no way I could afford/justify the outlay. Of the current crop of production models I think the traditional appeals to me the most (if I had the cash for a 'full bling' Les Paul that is.)

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I would put that cut off heel that's on the axcess on all the LP std ( apart from the reissues and stuff ) for that prominent heel is always a major issue for me whenever I happen to play a LP.

as for the SG, I would just throw some locking tuners on, since the kluson ones give me some issues, especially on that infamous g string

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How to improve them?


1. Remove that horrid Gibson logo. That cuts the price in half right there.


2. Fix your nut issues. Your Plek obviously isn't cutting it (Irony). Try bone.


3. Instead of wasting money on gimmicks like Robot tuning and the Firebird X, put that money towards QC.


4. Stop discontinuing popular guitars (For example, the Classic Custom, or the Les Paul Custom Reissues). You're shooting yourselves in the foot.


5. Start making good guitars again.



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Well, they've already started to change the SG (back) to it's "original" spec's.

The 2013 Standard, and the new "Original" model SG, are 2 GREAT steps, in the

right direction!


I just HOPE, they'll continue that trend, in the USA line, for the early 60's

wider/deeper beveling, and horn tapering! Aside from the Custom Shop versions,

the '61 and "Original," and now the 2013 Standard, are the only ones (as of yet)

properly beveled and tapered! So, PLEASE continue that (reverse) trend, and give

us back ALL the various original versions, Custom, Standard, Special, and Junior,

with those earlier '60's spec's!


As to Les Paul's...OVERALL, for all Gibson models, not just SG's or Les Paul's...

I've stated many times before, on here, about making the Gibson USA models, to Custom

Shop quality, and having the actual "Custom Shop," be just that...for special

order, "one of a kind," and/or real "collector's" instruments. Gibson USA, shouldn't

be "less than" Custom Shop quality, even at their current less expensive price structure.


If PRS can do it, certainly Gibson USA can! [thumbup]



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Gibson is in the same place Harley is and I figure Fender will be soon to follow.


Us boomers will be thinning out in the coming years and these names will be forgotten if they don't do something

to regenerate the enthusiasm for their brand with later generations of guitar players.


Harley has been dabbling for quite a while, but at a much slower pace than Gibson seems to be. JHC - how many

different models can you possibly make out of an LP?!


Gibson, Fender and Harley will all need to do something about their pricing as well. Not only are there fewer

following us, they don't have as much disposable income either. Maybe they do, but Apple is getting

a lot more of theirs than they got of ours :-)


And what of the overall trends in live music? Either there aren't as many BIG live acts these days, or I'm way out of the loop.

Both are equally as likely. Without those slingers out there wearing these guitars ...


What was the question again? Oh, yeah, contours on the back of LPs would be great!

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