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looks like the good old LP standard to me... try comparing the specs of the standard from Gibson.com to whats on the guitar. no fear of it being a fake i think your serial number checks out, whats in the picture looks right to me. take the pickups out and check to see if the pups are gibson too


2nd thought it may be a studio...

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according to the serial number, it's for sure an 2002, built on Jan 6,


in 2002, (and other recent years) the truss rod covers were blank.


I have a 02 Cherry Burst flame top Standard.


To me that looks like an 02 Black Standard, (the top hat knobs, blank truss rod cover, sort of add up)


and if it's still all stock electronics, those PUPs are the first generation Burst Buckers


If it was a deluxe, I would think it would have mini humbuckers as that's what most LP Deluxes come/came with.


you could check with customer service, they could probably clarify.

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