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Gibson ES 390 Anybody tried one, got one?


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I haven't played one yet, but it looks intriguing. I heard that Wildwood has them. I'll be going out to Colorado soon and when I do, I'll stop by Wildwood to try one. Once I check it out, I'll post back.

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Looks like a fun guitar; light weight with pickups somewhere between humbuckers and P90's?

Any one played one? What's the neck like?


Played a beautifully flamed Cherry Custom Shop version a few weeks ago at Chicago Music Exchange (prior to NAMM where they made it a regular Memphis model in both flamed and plain versions).


Neck is a 60's slim-taper, which is my preference. Lightest electric I've ever played - barely 5 lbs. Plugged it in to a Tone King Falcon and loved the tones it got. Very versatile, and though fully hollow, did not howl even with lots of gain. Good note definition with the mini-buckers - even with the neck position.


It definitely shot to the top of my most-wanted list. And now that they're making a non-CS version, I may actually be able to afford one... someday.

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