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Epiphone still makes guitars in Japan, Korea, Indonesia and of course, China.

But the timeline goes something like this:


Japanese production only: 1970-1982

Japanese production for the Japanese or limited market only - 1983-2001 (select archtops, non-Elitist Terada guitars, JDM Les Paul & SG, LQ Series)

- Matsumoku archtops - 1970-1985? (Limited market)

- Terada archtops - 1986-1997? possible earlier, maybe 1993 or 94 - definitely mid-to late 1990's (JDM)

- JDM & LQ guitars - 1998-2001 (JDM)


Elitists (Japan) - 2002-2006 (Elitist Casino & Dwight Trash Casino still in production)


Korea (main supplier) - 1983-2007 (certain guitars still made in Korea)


China - 2006-Present


Production in Indonesia began sometime during the 1990's. Certain guitars are still made in Indonesia. There was also a short run of Les Pauls made at the Bohemia factory in the Czech Republic in the late 1990's or early 2000's.


Some of my years may be off a bit. This is all off the top of my head. But the timeline is relatively close.

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