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Has anyone ever cut the top off of their Epiphone headstock?

Westly West

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I got that and the case for $125.00 from a "distraught friend", fixed it and sold it for close to what a new "blem" with a case would cost. It was a clean break and a pretty easy fix. The fix was barely discernible, just a tiny "witness mark" and the refinish made it better than new, stronger...

Again, sold to a friend of my youngest son, another "jazz" player, the friend being a great guitar player, and I gave him the "right price" for a brand new, perfectly fixed Casino...saved him a few bucks. I fixed/sold that 7-8 or more years ago. I do believe he still has it. I'm more than happy to sell a rig to a "kid", as long as they are serious players. My kids let me know who they may be and have helped me obtain several nice guitars too. msp_thumbup.gif




Good story... I'm glad I asked! I do hope the "distraught" part passed as well as the fix was performed. [thumbup]



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