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TronicalTune: The Real name of MinE-Tune

Ryan H

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I know there are lots of mixed feelings about the new "auto tuning" system Gibson is including as an option on many of their new 2013 guitars. But I think there's one thing many people are missing. MinE-Tune is a rebranded product.


The system was developed by Tronical; the same guys who developed the original Robot Tuning technology for the very first Robot Guitar. They call this "MinE-Tune" TronicalTune.


TronicalTune is not limited to Gibsons. They offer 3x3 models in various versions for different headstocks, as well as 6-in-line for Fender and other similar headstocks. And it isn't much more expensive than Gibson is charging for it as an "upgrade". It's $349 on Tronical's store.


You can check it out here: http://www.tronical.com/tronicaltune/


Just in case you were interested.



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