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Guys, I have always wondered this, and I think its something I should already know.


as you know, men like a good list, so I would like to know in what order the Les Pauls come in terms of desirability? Now, I only mean the ones you can pick up in the shops today, not including things like the '59 classic.


Now when I say desirability I mean things like, tone, equipment, uniqueness etc so here we go. Order these bad boys


1. Custom

2. Standard

3. Special

4. Standard

5. Junior

6. Goldtoop



are there ones I have forgotten???

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Desirability is totally subjective so I'll leave that alone.


As for models: LP Studio, LP Historic Reissues, LP Traditional, LP Trad Pro, LP Trad Pro II, LP BFG, LP Standard Single Pup, LP Double Cut, LP Axcess, all the LP sigs (Wylde, Perry, Frehley, Armstrong, Lifeson, etc) just to name a few.




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As BK says, what I think is #1 might not be what the next guy thinks etc.


The 4 different models of guitars you list (the Gold-Top was just a standard in a different finish) were all available in the '50s and there was a distinct heirarchy.


It went;


Custom; Standard; Special; Junior.


Modern versions of these are still in production today so the same rules might be said to apply to these instruments.


There are many, many more models available nowadays, of course, such as the Traditional, Supreme, Ultima, Studio, artist's signature versions etc. and these will all fit in around the originally mentioned models.


One way to gauge their place in the LP 'Pack' would be to look at the MSRP but remember not everyone thinks that more 'Bling' brings anything worthwhile to the party.


Personally I'd put any of the re-issues at the very top of the tree.



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