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casino tops/bracing consistent?


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since the official websites and vendor websites don't seem to agree, i figured i'd ask. i already know not to trust the nut width measurements, but are the materials consistent amongst casinos of various origins? mij/mik/mic. i know the mik/mic ones have painted f holes so you can't tell that way. some say 5 ply maple, some claim 5 ply maple/birch. what about the bracing inside? some say spruce, others say maple.


would love to see some pics if anyone has any. are there any definite hallmarks that would indicate where a casino came from (talking about the wood, not the electronics)? save the 61 reissues, i think the headstocks are the same shape, and they all seem to have the same 3 screw trc.


and lastly, does any of it matter? :)

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With all the different versions & factories used in the production of Casinos over the years,

there will be many variations in number of laminations & materials utilized.


The basic Casino design & platform is a very good one.

The materials make a difference, but trust you ears & hands,

and assess each piece on it's own merits.

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