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I am looking for a recording software for sound processing but also using this software (or an other) to add keyboards, drums...etc. with an additional MIDI keyboard.


Do anyone has experience in this? How the MIDI keyboard is getting to work with all of this (connection...)?


I use a Mac Book pro with a 4 entry microphone interface and an SM59 mic that connects to the Mac.

In the past I have already made some recordings but wasnt really satisfied with the results using Logic Audio.



Do anyone have any advice?



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Not being a Mac user I can't help you much with this. I obviously can't use Logic Audio but I've seen it running and I would have said it's a pretty capable program as far as audio and MIDI recording goes. What didn't you like about it when you say you weren't "really satisfied" with the result? In my experience there is little, if any, difference in sound quality between one DAW and another. What are you trying to do with regard to "sound processing"?


Modern MIDI controller keyboards generally link up to your computer via USB. Some have 5 pin DIN while others offer USB and DIN connections. Which connector you use will depend on what connector you have on your MAC or audio/MIDI interface. On my PC I have an M-Audio soundcard which gives me MIDI DIN inputs while the PC itself offers USB. I use an Alesis keyboard which has both DIN and USB capability. I can use either and the result is the same.


Basically, the question is, what are you trying to achieve and what MIDI keyboard do you have?

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