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Advanced Jumbo vs. Advanced Jumbo Pro.


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I've said it before, I'll say it again...you'll find no love around here for any of the Pro models [biggrin] 'cept for a few. I have an HB Pro and it really is a great sounding guitar to my ears...heavier than a sack of potatoes, but just begs to be played hard.


Resale...not so good. I had my Pro less than a year and spoke with a guy at GC on a trade in for something else I was looking at..he said rather apologetically, he'd only be able to give me 950 on it, in order for them to put on the rack for ~1400..and this guitar was less than a year old. I figured I'd keep it.


It has that 'Gibson sound and is really a well built guitar. If looking for something that'd hold its value, I'd suggest looking for something else. If you can live with 2nd class citizenship as an owner and find one you like...look for something 2nd hand [tongue]

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Is one just a re-branded (with less extras) Advanced Jumbo for G.C. or are these two totally different animals?

All I can say is that I tried an AJ Pro for the first time a few days ago -- I generally avoid GC, but stopped by to see if they had a new J-35 -- and I would have to say "totally different animal". And not an animal I'd care to adopt, if that one was any indication.


-- Bob R

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The AJ Pro cost a little less then the standard AJ model. Some different points on both guitars, but If you want to save some cash, and want the playability and tone of the standard AJ, and want it as a player and not to sit in its case, and not worry about the depreciation then get the AJ Pro.

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I love reading all the Gibson expert posts as they are very helpful. I just bought the AJ Pro after returning the regular AJ. I know the pro is more like a rosewood version of the southern jumbo/j45 with less in common then the traditional AJ but I don't care. For me the pro is a bit louder and has more warmth, the AJ was too jangly for my taste. Granted, jangly may be better for the bluegrass lead players but for someone playing rhythm and singing the added warmth works for me with the outlaw country, classic rock, alternative stuff I play/write. It also does just fine for lead playing. Someone in another post put up a good comment as the other purists were slaying the hell out of the pro models....he said that just because the pro models take different elements from other styles and maybe should not be marketed the way they are (Hummingbird pro etc) it really is no different then having Gibson build you a custom model if the appointments on the pro models are what you want and for a lot less cash. As someone who can afford any guitar I want I have to say the Hummingbird pro and hummingbird artist that I owned were great guitars and now reside happily with my kids.


Current lineup:

2012 AJ Pro

2002 Lowden O32

1970 J50

1993 Martin D-28

1968 Gibson SG Standard w/ Bigsby

2012 Fender Thinline American Telecaster

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