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P94 in a LP Special-II

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I just bought a Eph LP Special II two nob controlling both pickups. This runs contrary to most opinions but the sound is a lot better than most claim it is according to my ears. However, it is still a little flat. I'm thinking of replacing the neck pickup with a Gibson P90. How would that match up with the stock bridge pickup? Some one on Craigslist is selling one for $100. im not sure if its the T or the R yet.

Thanks Guys!!


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Many people here know much about pickup replacements.




What do you mean by "flat?"


Also, what amplifier?


Und auch... Willkommen in Epiphone Forums.


Deutschland? Österreich?


Or <grin - horror> United States?



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Gibson still uses archaic terms that aren't quite consistent. T is bridge ('treble') and R is neck ('rhythm'). Should be 'treble and bass', or 'lead and rhythm', but that's part of the charm.


Does your guitar have P-90's now? P-90's come in 3 configurations: soap bar, dog ear, and HB-size. $100 is way too high for a used Gibson P-90. I get most of my PU's used on eBay, and aim for 50% less than the normal retail price (not list). $50 for that P-90 is good, $100 is what you'd pay for a new one in a store.


Epi's are wired for dependent volume controls, meaning in the middle toggle position, both volume controls turn down both PU's. I don't like this method, and rewire my guitars for independent volume controls so I can blend them. It's real easy to change, just switch the lugs on the volume pot that the toggle wire and PU wire go to. There's online diagrams for this.


A neck P-90 with a bridge HB is a very good pairing. If your guitar has HB's now, I'd recommend getting a GFS Mean 90, which is a P-90 that fits in a HB slot.

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