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1931 L-2


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Here is a picture of our 1931 L-2. When we found it, it was in a box in pieces with its original finish totally painted over -- a travesty. We usually try our best to use the original finish if possible, but this ones was way beyond help.


So we had it restored by Randy Wood.








When fingerstyle players come to visit, they often proclaim this the best guitar ever. It is a bit more Martin like -- full and sweet -- but in a Gibson way.


Here is a demo.


Here are a set of short comparisons of 1930s 12-fret guitars: 1934 Martin 00-40H, 1937 Martin 00-18H, 1932 Gibson L-2, 1939 Gibson HG-00, and 1934 Gibson HG-Century.


Let's pick,



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What an exceptional guitar. Seamless restoration. Hard to believe that sound can come from something that was in disrepair. Quite a testament to Mr. Wood. Thanks for sharing!


(I also didn't appreciate Santa's playing ability until now. Were the elves in the green room?)




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