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Dirty Fingers reissue with braided output?


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Hello all!


This is my first post on the board, so please be gentle! [biggrin]


I am upgrading the pickups in an Explorer I bought with aftermarket pickups in it. I settled on a reissue Dirty Fingers in the bridge and a 496R in the neck. The pickups arrived this morning, and all seemed good until I cracked the seal on the DF.


As you can see from the attached pictures, it has a braided two conductor output, not the advertised (and expected) four conductor plastic wire.


I'd like to get your opinions on what to do. I was not planning on coil splitting, so I won't miss the four conductor wire. Additional, my multimeter shows 16.1 on the output, so at least both bobbins are wired up. I guess my main fear is, if they messed up and soldered the wrong lead, could they have done something else wrong as well? I'm not too keen on wiring it up if the general consensus is to box it back up now.






Thanks everyone!

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I came really close to just installing it and seeing how it worked out, but I had contacted the dealer around the same time as starting this thread, and didn't want to have to pull it right back out should they request I send it back. Which, incidentally, is what they did:



Gibson confirmed that your pickup was packaged incorrectly. They had a batch of mislabeled Dirty Finger pickups without four-conductor wiring. We checked our stock to make sure they had four-conductor wiring and sent a replacement to you today with USPS Priority Mail delivery confirmation number ####. Included with the pickup is an empty envelope and a postage-paid return shipping label for the incorrect pickup.

Best regards.


So I guess I'll never really know what it would have been like, but at least I don't have to pay to ship it back!

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