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history of my guitars

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My acoustic guitar was a signed prototype (7 of 10) that I got new at Guitar Center several years ago, serial number 01912057. The person who signed it inside wrote Songbird as the model (D1X Cutaway), but it looks like a Songwriter. Is anything different about this than the non-prototype models that were released? Was the name changed before being released? When was that one made? I think I got it in 2005.


And just simple curiosity. Someone gave me their used Ephiphone Junior model recently, serial number K050600585. When/where was this made? This is my first electric guitar since my Kalamazoo brand guitar from junior high, and I am very excited. (The plate over the wires on the back where it plug goes in is missing though. Where do I get a replacement?)


I have also had my Gibson C-1 classical guitar since 1966! An old friend.



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