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Here is a real life computer game fable.....



Some background:


Some will know what I am talking about - others will be clueless...doesn't matter because it is one of those 'moral of the story' scenarios.


Firstly I am a bit of a motor racing fan....



Years ago when computers were young, I had firstly a flight simulator then a formula one motor racing game/simulator - both were rubbish probably, but sensational for the surprise that computers could do that instead of just number-crunching work stuff. I was given a computer by a relative that had a steering wheel attachment and F1 software - wires and cables and stuff everywhere - ok, I suppose but the computer power was NOT up to the job. Only money that I spent was buying a V8 racing game....anyway after working on computers all week, a few games on the car racing simulator were enough to blow my retinas out so we were seeing double, so after a while the computer and racing wheel were forgotten and eventually went to the rubbish tip....


Advance to present day and this last Xmas I got a voucher for a electronics shop and came out with PS3. After trying a few motor racing games and a few shootems, I picked up GT5 which gets a lot of good reviews - one reviewer described it as a "20 out of 20 Motor Racing Simulator in a 5 out of a Hundred Game" - pretty correct I thought.


So I did the beginners circuit for a bit on the awful cars you get at the beginning and eventually worked through GT Life a way and began buying cars that were available for my level with the odd 'appearance and prize money' I had accumulated. My first decent buy was a BMW Z4 which I spent some other winnings later to exchange the standard motoring equipment for racing equipment - soon nobody could keep up with me and the prize money kept rolling in as I kept going in easy races to get paid! I had my eye on a BMW M3 which even in real life is a serious piece of car, and eventually I bought it - real pleased with myself! Except now I started going round the tracks literally miles ahead of my competition and winning everything with more prize money piling up.


I was getting a touch bored with it all the winning! Too Easy!


There is a garage where you can buy cars, and certain specialty races to race them. I had my eye on a Ford Mustang, but the only one in my price range was a 71 Mach 1 - even in real life they are supposed to be a bit of challenge, but I wouldn't know. I always fancied myself with a Mustang so I bought it. In my first race I discovered that it went like the clappers but the brakes were fairly minimal - but it sounded just like I thought a real one should sound like on my TV! It also handled like a bed on castors, so I spent my BMW M3 racing winnings on making the Mustang more competitive - so in a race I discovered that the simulation is similar to a real 71 Mustang in that the top speed, which you can get to really quickly, is only about 115-117 mph! So I was flying past other cars in the twisty bits, but on the straights they were flying back past me as my car coughed along....


So next I spent everything I had in my kitty to upgrade the motor, gearbox, exhaust, intake and wheels to turn the Mustang into a winner. It sounded great! On the first run today, I found that it went like a rocket but would not stop so good! Pretty close to real life I am told..... In my first race outing in a 'American Muscle Car Challenge', I came a dismal last and not only that, but 55 seconds behind.......but gee I sounded good.


So there it is - a slice of life on a computer game - clever are they not? Who thinks of this stuff?


Now if we apply this to owning guitars, well.............................what do you think?


How far do we go with a dud? How long does the fun last?



See Ya




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