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Info on Epiphone S 345

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I have never seen one of these so assume they are not as common as many. There are folks here who are well versed in narrowing the year made down by label and serial number and I am guessing they will soon chime in.


Value - Made in Japan acoustics just do not bring alot of bucks no matter how rare they are. I would imagine it is worth a couple of hundred bucks if it is in good condition.

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A search of the > > > Unofficial Epiphone WIki site < < < turned up a ES 345.


Is > > > THIS < < < it?


If not, search for it by description starting at the main page. The ES 345 is a Hollow body electric like a Casino. There is solid body "S" Series, but this wiki doesn't show a 345 model number, but the nomenclature hits all around it.


If you're still puzzled, maybe contact the wiki owner for help. He posts here. I'm sure his wiki site has a contact me link.

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The new book from Walter Carter doesn't show any FT-345


there is a FT-335 and a FT-350 - nothing between



Carter's book doesnt show the PR-300, either. [wink]


Here is a link to the FT-345 specs. Sorry, no pic at the moment on the wiki. Still recovering from a server crash.



Here is a link to a pic of the FT-345.



A pic or two would be the best way for us to identify your guitar.

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