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Replacement tuners for 1959 ES-175 VOS Reissue?

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Hello all, new poster here...


I recently bought a 1959 ES-175 VOS RI, but unfortunately already managed to break one tuning peg. Does anyone know if the exact replacement part can be bought anywhere? The Vintage Nickel Machine Heads sold by Gibson (ref PMMH-010) appear to be slightly different.


Thanks in advance for your input.

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Photos of your situation would help. You also don't say what you broke on the tuning machine, button, shaft, gear, etc.


If it's a broken plastic button, they are replaceable.


If it's a metal part or mechanical problem, an exact replacement tuner is out there somewhere, Gibson bought them from some manufacturer, you just have to research hard enough to find out where.


In buying parts in either case expect to have to buy a full set. I've never seen "singles" sold.

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Thank you L5Larry.


FYI the gear was damaged, and the cover does not hold in place anymore.

I already contacted Gibson, but I am still waiting for a reply. I guess I will also contact Kluson, Grover...


You may consider replacing them with Kluson Wafflebacks since they are sold as packs of six tuners. There are also the Gotoh Vintage Keystone or Grover Deluxe Keystone equivalents. Try stewmac.com .


The alternative is to look for them on ebay. Someone somewhere must sell them as singles.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Jabberwocky.


An update for anyone interested:


After the Gibson Customer support failed to give me a model reference or even a brand, I contacted Kluson (it took me days to notice a very faint "K L U S O N D E L U X E" engraving wrapped around the cover). Kluson forwarded me to TonePros, where Gil confirmed that the tuners used for the 1959 ES-175 RI would be their TonePros-Kluson TPKV3-AN.


I should hopefully receive the parts in about a week (I am not a US resident). I will then be able to confirm whether it is indeed the perfect replacement part.



EDIT: apologies, but it is only today that I realise that I initially got confused in the reference model. I updated my message accordingly. I still have not received the part, though...

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  • 4 weeks later...

Final update:


I received the tuners, and confirm that the TonePros-Kluson TPKV3-AN are the appropriate replacement tuners for the current 1959 ES-175 VOS Reissue. I finally go them from Visionguitars on ebay, as:


- Gibson US did not help at all

- Gibson Europe promised to send me the part as part of the guarantee... 2 weeks later I am still waiting, and they're not quite sure anymore (I bought the guitar new in Europe but moved overseas later. I offered to pay for the part and shipping)

- TonePros-Kluson kindly promised to send me the part, but disappeared and stopped replying to my e-mails after I sent them my address (3 weeks ago).

- WD Music (apparently the main distributor for TonePros-Kluson) said that these were a special order item and that they had to order at least 6 sets. They offered me to either wait for 5 other customers or to buy 6 sets (at around $115 per set). I needed one tuner.


I never expected that it would take me so much time and energy to find a replacement part for a Gibson model that is currently in production... and a guitar that is still under guarantee.

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Unfortunately, you'll have that [mellow] !

Most times, we are better off in being 'proactive' and taking things into our own hands!!....."old-fashioned" ....maybe....but seems to alleviate a lot of 'angst' as far as I'm concerned!

Not to be too 'cynical'..... 'but lately', I have lost faith in most of my 'fellow men' to do much of anything that benifits "me" or "my needs"

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