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1990s Epiphone Sorrento serial number?

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I'm trying to date my 1990s Epiphone Sorrento. Looking through the f-hole I can see the ID sticker, but the portion with the original serial number is covered by a white sticker with the number 1008869 (see pics). Any ideas about why there is a second sticker covering the first.


Many thanks!

post-54236-033100200 1362840137_thumb.jpg

post-54236-027437900 1362840161_thumb.jpg

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The sticker over the serial number indicates that the guitar is a refurb/repair. They put the sticker there to indicate that the Epiphone limited warranty has been nulled due to the repair work. This work is authorized by Epiphone, but as such, voids the warranty through Epiphone.


The Sorrento was made from 1993-1997. Without the original serial number, your guess on the exact years is as good as anyones'. Your best avenue would be to focus on the year that they produced other Silver Flake models and see if it falls inline with the years your Sorrento was made. For instance, I know that the Sparkle Flake Les Pauls were made from 1995-1999. So its safe to assume that your guitar is, at the oldest, from 1995.


Hope this helps.

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