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Les Paul Jr chambered?


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I'm on the market for a LP Jr as I want something I can fly with and not worry about it getting beaten up on tour. As well as that, my main recording guitar is a Les Paul Custom Axcess which is chambered. It sounds huge but isn't quite as tight as I'd like it to be - probably due to it being weight relieved. I want a new guitar with a bit more of a tighter punch from the body.


I assumed all of the Les Paul Juniors were just a solid piece of wood until I checked the specs on this website. I think the guitar is a discontinued model but they had this model in stock in my local store and I preferred it (mostly on looks) to the newer models.




It says the body is chambered on that site but I have no way of checking out the full specs as it's not on the Gibson wesbsite anymore. I just wanted to clarify if it was definitely chambered or if there as an off-chance that's an error.


My other option was one of the newer models but I didn't like the baked maple fretboard or neck binding (surprisingly) as much. Any idea if these newer models are chambered at all? There's no mention on the page of that being the case





I tried both and there's a fair bit of difference in the price and I'm not saying chambered guitars are something I'll avoid like the plague. It's just hard to compare the tone of such similar guitars in a busy music store through a small amplifier.




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I'm aware of what both pages say as I've checked them both in detail but wasn't sure if there might have been an error on the Dawsons website about it being chambered.


I've just come across the same model on this website and it doesn't say anything about it being chambered




It says:


"The Les Paul Special Humbucker is made from solid mahogany. An archetypal tonewood used in countless classic Gibson electric guitars, mahogany has a sonic depth and richness that pulses through every note, yet always remains clear and articulate. As a further modification to the slab-bodied template, the Pelham Blue guitars include a comfortable “belly scarf” on the back, while the Ebony Black model excludes the pickguard for that full-on hotrodded look."


Seeing as this site has a fuller description I'm swaying more to that one being accurate but was just curious if anyone could categorically tell me either way



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