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My New GIBSON SG... What is the model’s NAME of my Gibson SG?

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Hello Team & Fans GIBSON Guitars!

I bought last week a beautiful guitar GIBSON SG 2012 USA, SERIAL NO. 118421344, MODEL SGGC6VCCH3: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

I could not find the exact name of this MODEL...

Here are the features of my new GIBSON SG:

1. my guitar doesn't have “SG” logo on the headstock (Truss Rod Cover: only the Black and White Antique Bell, without SG logo).

2. my guitar has the pickguard larger (even on the upper part of the body), while other similar models have the pickguard only in the middle lower part of the body.

3. my guitar has the Three-way Toggle Switch with Cream Plastic Tip, while other models have a Black Plastic Tip.

4. the pickups of my Gibson are classic silver humbuckers (not black)... but chrome or nickel? ...humbuckers’s name?



I attache some PHOTOS that should help: I also photographed the label accompanying the guitar (with DATA, MODEL NO., SERIAL NO.).

What is the model’s PROPER NAME of my Gibson SG?

Thank you very much for your valuable information!


post-54243-059471000 1363107909_thumb.jpg

post-54243-034375200 1363107920_thumb.jpg

post-54243-059570800 1363107931_thumb.jpg

post-54243-043915500 1363107940_thumb.jpg

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Thanks Alfonso!

I hope that all your informations are proper ... however, I do not yet know the full name of the model ... how it is called, in full? what are the specifications (compared to other SG)? Who would know kindly answer me? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Paul

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