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Gibson USA flying V "broom" hardshell case.


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I've got a SKB*?* hardshell universal V case, and thats great! HEAVY nice for crossing state lines and i believe its even rated for airlines too, but, it is heavy, and i don't travel much i do go between shops, studios, and friends and students houses with my V however, and I'd prefer a smaller case, still hard

Gibson had these with the V's and you can still get them, if you get the standard V which, i might get after i get a korina V (they have the same case with the epi logo) but, the korina will be a ways off, and the standard wont be for a long time. so doe's anybody know or have a standard Gibson USA Flying V "broom" case my flying V is fitted with a vibrola, which makes fitting it in a case tricky. In my current case, i can close the case, without removing the vibrola arm. but it puts pressure on the arm and increases the tension on the strings. i suppose it wouldn't be a problem if i slacked the strings back... is this a problem with all vibrolas. if so. will the gibson broom case still cause this to happen?



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The Gibson USA V cases are pretty thick.

I would assume that one would fit your V, as I believe the Custom Shop cases are no thicker than a USA case.

Custom Shop V's with vibrolas aren't rare.

Not sure if a late fifties model with the slightly different neck style would need a different case, but I doubt it.

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