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What IS this? (Epiphone Riviera BM R97M)


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Just bought ANOTHER guitar (which I don't need): its an Epiphone Riviera BM R97M, black metallic with some kind'a aftermarket pickups installed (Fender?) ...


I've never seen one like this - speed knobs, screenprinted fretboard markings, strange shape headstock w/ mop inlays.


Can anyone out there help ID this one?


Plse advise





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re: photos ~

been try'n with no luck (file too large)


however, research has revealed this is a '97 Peerless Riviera - unusual color, unusual choice of p'ups... I grabbed it for the Epi logo vibrato, but... its really pretty cool so ... don't think I'm gonna cannibalize it now that I have it in my hands. [thumbup]

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