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Is this a 2005 gibson LP classic?


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Hi guys,


Thinking about buying this one, but seems the color is wrong for an 2005 LP Classic. See that they made EPIs in this quilt top color in 2005--do you think it is authentic or an epi with a classic neck? Is there a way to tell visually from the electronics or other?


Appreciate your assistance. I'm a strat guy looking at LPs




post-54368-061817200 1363204509_thumb.jpg


post-54368-003432100 1363204625_thumb.jpg

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Hi and welcome to the forum.


...Is there a way to tell visually from the electronics or other?..



Epi's have screw-in bridge posts where the screw-heads are visible at either end of the bridge.

Gibson bridges slot down onto plain-headed posts and no screw-heads are visible.


Epi bridge;



Gibson bridge;



The snaps included in your post are pretty small but the one pictured looks to be a Gibson.




P.S. Don't be put off by the direction in which the 6 saddle-screws face. Gibson has used both 'forward-facing' and 'backward-facing' Tune-o-Matic styles on Classics.

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Thanks for your replies. guys...


Afer everyone's feedback, I ended up buying the guitar...off craigslists (which is a bit scary) and can report after a close-up inspection it is authentic...in fact it had the original paper work with it when I showed up to do the trade...even thought the seller failed to share that little tidbit during our negotiations..


This guitar plays like a dream...and I plan to put my the strats in the closet. And, the best part--got it for $1000.



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I've got a 2005 LP Classic "Heritage Cherry" - and Gibson confirmed the colour vs the serial # when we bought it (new), as I couldn't find the colour listed anywhere and thought the same.


Pic here:



Is it a normal "Classic" like mine, with the white pickguard removed (pic small, but I think I can see the screwhole above the Neck P/U) ?

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