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Warm up riffs

Old Deadhead

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I use a combination of mixolidian scales combined with blues pentatonics, mino and major.

I also like to get into "The Usual," by George Thorowgood. I like his version better than John Hiatt's.

Sometimes I work through "Nobody's Fault" by Led Zeppelin.

Other times "Baby Please Don't Go," while trying to play a steady bass beat and lead, just to get the blood going in my fingers.

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Ripple, that's a closer!


Side note here, my son did his first live concert with me at Great American Music Hall for Merl Saunder's birthday in 2006, packed house, Bill K, David G. in the audience, and we played Ripple. While those two looked unimpressed, the room swelled, people sang along LOUDLY and my boy got a standing-ovation. The next week he played a dive bar road house in N. CA with me to 10 people. My how easily the bubble bursts. +:-@


What's yourfavorite warm-up riff or song? I usually start with "the Last Time" by the Stones. Sometimes "Ripple" by the Dead.
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