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What happened to the 1962 Crestwood Custom Outfit?


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For the past two weeks Epiphone has been hitting my e-mail with their newsletter touting the 62 Crestwood Custom Outfit.


They even sent it out on February 28 to announce Premier Guitar's article on what a great buy this guitar is.


Link to Premier Guitar article


Now I know a couple of members that did buy them a few months ago, but as far as I can tell all distributors are sold out in the US.


How can reviews of a guitar just be hitting the news, but the manufacturer is out of the product and they cannot be purchased?


Did the 1962 sell out that quick?


With the Sheratons, were there 1962 of each finish and that is why those are still around?


But I really did not see these advertised anywhere except American Musical Supply and it was only for a short while.


I guess with everyone anticipating the Sheratons, we took our eye off of the truly collectable Crestwood.


It is a sweet looking guitar. Hopefully they will put out another run.

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