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Help determining authentic or not


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Hello all,

I need your help, I'm looking to purchase a gibson on Craigs List, and the person gave me a serial number that I can not get any information on. Serial # U98082275

I am posting pictures I have from the post, but will request more and post them here.

post-54406-080280400 1363302177_thumb.jpg

post-54406-007017000 1363302187_thumb.jpg

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Guest Farnsbarns

Definitely an Epiphone. Having Epiphone written on the headstock is a give away. Just in case you don't know, epiphone is Gibson's Asian made budget line. Good guitars but generally around 1/5 the price of an equivalent Gibson.

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Thank you fellas,

You are right I should have looked at the head stock closer, it does say Epiphone. I was really confused because the poster used the word Gibson on his ad, so I assumed he was referring to an original Gibson, and the price was too good to be true.


You guys saved me a 45 minute drive to look at it and be disappointed.


Thanks for the warm welcome cheers [thumbup]

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