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Back in December I posted about finding my very first electric guitar in my mom's attic while digging out her Christmas decorations.

here's the link



She turned out really well. I was able to clean up and use almost all the vintage parts. I did update the wiring but the pups sound suprisingly good and the neck although exposed to extreme heat and cold temps is in excellent shape. Frets are worn a bit and the body has been knicked up but that's just more mojo. Brings back tons of great memories. I used to love the smell of this guitar everytime I opened the case.


So here she is all back together my 1974 Aria SG.





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Cookie, that's beautiful man. I played a gig a few weekends ago with a band who's guitarist had a maple Aria from the 70's just like yours. It was so nice. Happy RGD! (Restored Guitar Day). [thumbup]

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Yeah the fact that the neck was in good shape was fantastic but I'm blown away that the pups seem to have improved from what I can remember.


I don't know if this is a normal thing with pickups. Maybe Searcy can give me some insight on this. I was pretty certain I'd be putting new ones in her but no need.


Great little guitar with a cool history to pass onto my grandkids to learn on.msp_thumbup.gif

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