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Any LP Custom Ebony out there?


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I've been reading the Gibson forum for quite a while now, and it strikes me that I haven't seen any posts about the LP Custom Ebony. Is there any of them out there?

I have a 2011 with ebony fretboard that sounds great.3ECFB359-32DE-49CE-9C4B-AE6F696D0D69-5364-000011110BF2DCD5_zpsc7fb0ce3.jpg


It might need some nut work on the 2nd and 3rd string, otherwise it has been very good from the start. I use the 490R for solos as I play mostly heavy blues style music. I also appreciate the jazzy, almost archtop sounding, tone you get when you turn both tone controls down a bit and use the middle position of the three-way-switch on a clean channel.

How about your Custom Ebony?

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