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Hi, I bought an Epiphone Ej160E John Lennon Electric Acoustic long time ago but now the pickup is not working so i want to replace the pickup. I went to many places in my country but they don't have the right pick up for this guitar and they say that is hard to find that pickup they offer me a solution, they would put me a takamine pickup in my Epiphone but i dont want to put that Pickup in my guitar. I want to sound like a Beatles guitar! And i want a pickup that give me that sound. I read that my guitar uses a Mini Humbucker electric acoustic, where can i buy this pick up online and also there is another pickups that i can use to get the Beatles tone? I read that the P90 and P100 Pickups works fine. What do you think? Thank you.

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I'm no expert on these, but the Epiphone description of the guitar calls it a "mini humbucker." It's also about the same size as one on the old Gibson cf100e that was a smaller body and Florentine cutaway that was referred to as a p90. The 1950s and early 1960s had many of these flattop guitars with some kind of magnetic pickup.


Where did you purchase your guitar? It may be possible that you simply have loose wires or a bad "pot" and could have that repaired fairly easily.


I find it hard to believe a repair could not be done as easily as a new pickup.


By the way, also your string choice and amplifier will make a huge difference in sound when you have the guitar's pickup system repaired.



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