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Interesting Guitar String Review..

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Ive been reading a lot of reviews/opinions...

On some guitars string tension does seem to constrict instead of enhance top response on some guitars.

John Pearse strings feel stiffer..Ill skip those.

80/20 Strings have a more flexible feel it seems..well I didnt know that.

Some guitars sound hopeless with some strings..so with a different set there is some hope..no selle that e guthara..


DR Sunbeams..here I come..and Im gonna try some Martin SP 80/20's...would love to find some nice flexible reasonably priced strings..(so that I can afford to splurge on Tomastik infeld..or Newtone Double wound on one of the acoustics.

I think the Elixer Nano sound really good on J200 English maple/Sitka...but dull as hell on Adi/Mad Martin D..

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