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We added a Cajon player !


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I took inspiration from PM's wee covers band where their sound really got an extra level of depth and ooomph when they added a Cajon player so we went looking for one to try the same.


We finally found one, had a couple rehearsal and let it run last night at our regular spot.


Have to say it makes a HUGE difference, not only from getting a stronger bottom end but as a rhythm guitarist it really allows you to lock in with the drummer and get a really tight focuses sound.


So were really happy with the first performance and will be back there in a couple weeks.


Here's a couple clips, how does it sound to you, playing my trust HB TV as usual ... best at 720p


ps: dont get turned off by the choice of material, just keeping the punters happy ... ;-)





(the LG-2 full view review should be up hopefully this weekend)




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I like the percussion sound of the cajon. Nice and steady beat. Plus, I think a drum is a good attention getter. Sounds very cool. I'm glad you posted this. I've actually been thinking of buying one just to use with my own recordings. I know this trio of folk pickers who have added one to their gigs. The guy who plays it (older than I am) said it's helped him learn new guitar rhythms for songs he has never played...... Good stuff, buddy.

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Good move mate- it works well.I've been impressed with PM's band and Sal's recordings with their use of this contraption.And now you guys as well.Whenever I get around to doing some recording again I want to try one of these on the strength of the good results you are all getting....of course I'll have to learn how to keep time first, always a bit ragged in that department. [smile]

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