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Like many of you, I have another acoustic guitar(Martin M36) or two, that is not a Gibson. I was wondeing if you guys had to pick one guitar out of you collection, which would it be and why. As much as I adore my J45, and its my main guitar, I still play and love my Matin M36 as well. Just a different tone and feel for certain songs I guess. I cannt pick one, sorry....Which do I love more, my son or my daughter?

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I have 4 acoustic guitars..

*Lowden F35x Custom which I ordered with Brazilian RW/Best Adirondack in the land/Polished Back & Sides only/ Short Scale which Mr.Lowden said he would have to personaly voice (they do not offer this scale on this model)

*Huss & Dalton DS with Braz/Adi Slope D (a Gibson inspired model)

*Gibson J200 Prototype A with Qtr English Maple & Sitka 1989..most probably made by Mr.Ferguson & assistant in 1988 dated 1989.

*Martin D42 Custom Shop ordered with Select figured Madagascar/ Premium Adi Top/FS Adi braces/Full sized V neck/Abolone inlay around headstock & fingerboard..then Waverly tuners/Ivory Saddle & Pins.


The Martin is the one I would definately not pick. Nice bass but overall thumpy & dull with those Elixer strings.

The Lowden & H&D are primo...a master guitarist would be happy with either of them.

The Lowden is like a wooden lung with the sound of a flamenco guitar.

H&D..a cannon pretty much, and feels soft even with that higher action.


But this J200 borders on magic.

I recently got that bluegrass relief adjusted out of the neck & the common 14th Fret raise out of the end of the fingerboard..which had hampered my playing due to overly low action for decades.

Now it plays like an L5.

My wife said to me yesterday,you know they can't pay you enough to make it worth selling that guitar at this point. It sounds so special.

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I hope I never have to choose, but if I did, the Sheryl Crow Southern Jumbo would win. Not the best for finger picking, that would be the AJ. Not the best for flat picking, that would be the D18, but definately a better all around for me. Better to finger pick than the D 18 and better flat pick and bluegrass rhythm than the AJ.


So I guess it would be my dessert island ax.



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As for acoustic guitars I have 4,



-Gibson LG-0 that I restored and replaced the ladder bracing with scalloped X-bracing.


-Martin EMP-1 limited edition 000-size, ovangkol sides and 3 piece back with Rosewood panel, Spruce top with Ebony fretboard, bridge and tuner knobs.


-Yamaha FG-133 beater with plywood top sides and back. (nice sound though)


-Dean CE Acoustic-Electric Resonator Guitar all mahogany with a lipstick tube pickup.



Lately I have pretty much been only playing my Gibson but it would be a toss up between my Martin and the Gibson.


My Yamaha is just a beater that I have had for years and is not effected by heat and humidity so that is the one I take outside for camping and such.


The Dean resonator is a great little guitar for low cost, but doesn't get played a lot.



So Currently my Gibson is my "go-to" guitar but the Martin EMP comes in a very close second.

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I've got a few of each, and it would be a tough decision between the big 4, a J45 RW. SJ300, D18GE and a 00018GE. I'd probably go SJ300, it's the most played guitar I own, funny enough the 00018 as opposite as it is to my SJ would make any easy 2nd choice.

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For me sometimes it is the attachment thing that gets in the way of making any kind of an objective decision about what I should and should not keep. My 1956 Epi is far from the best sounding guitar I own but I am just flippin' attached to it - to the point that when I had an opportunity to sell it at what would have been a very handsome profit (three times the cash I have in it) I found I could not let it go. And there was another guitar I was wanting to buy at the time and could have with what this guitar would have brought in. That has got to be love.


No Martins in the house but when it comes to Gibsons it is a no brainer. I have two. The 1942 J-50 ain't going no place. This is one of those guitars that every time you pick it up you cannot believe it is yours - just an amazing sounding and feeling instrument. The other is a 1946 LG-2. While I have no plans to put it on the chopping block it is further down the list of my favorite guitars. This probably has less to do with sound though than my mood as I have been in a big, rumbling and loud guitar frame of mind lately. So my 1957 Silvertone jumbo is getting alot more playing time than the little LG. But knowing I am a fickle tyoe I also know the mood will not last.

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