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Problem with Gibson LPJ CS 2013


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Oh but of course you don't get it, how could you when you're clearly intellectually superior to me...


I don't feel in the least bit undermined by your nonsense. If you must know, my girlfriend was out shopping and I sent her a text telling her to get it for me. Like I said above and I'll repeat it for you just in case English isn't your native language, be sure to read it slowly now, just in case it isn't absorbed!


I purchased the guitar on a childish whim because I had some money to burn this month.


I hope this helps with your inquiry, thank you and have a jolly good day.

Just grow up, "Mr. Professional".

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Hello everybody again,


My LPJ is doing just fine, pretty solid stuff right there.


This is my new page on Facebook, I will love it if you show some support !!


Please like or leave your lovely comments.


Cheers !!!





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