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Historic es335 serial number location


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I've recently bought a 63 block historic 335 which has its serial number on its label inside the f hole but nothing on the back of the headstock. When I bought the instrument I looked at gibson website to check if this was the appropriate location and read the following:


Example: A-38005 is the 5th '63 ES-335 Reissue produced in 1998.

Carved Top models (serial number on orange label)


I took the comment about the 'serial number on orange label to apply to 335's. Was I wrong to do so? The number on the label checks out as a 1999 instrument. It is, otherwise, a beautiful guitar


I'd appreciate some guidance here - I'm a long time Stratocaster. player





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All is OK and correct with your guitar.


In fact, it is undeniably a "Historic" BECAUSE there is no SN on the back of the headstock. This was done to be historically accurate, for the earliest ES-3XX models had nothing on the back of the headstock, with model and SN only on the orange label.

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