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e sonic 2 battery light


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The battery light only comes on when the batteries are getting low (Approx 40 mins before minimum) at which point it should glow green.


Never seen mine glow red.


Got a pdf copy of the Esonic User Manual if needed






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ive been searching you tube and it turned up on this guys guitar at 1.59min on his vid..a red led like mine


Interesting - looks as though on some models the green low battery led has been replaced by a red one. Obviously a production variation of some sort.


Principle will be the same - if the red light comes on it's time to change the batteries.


Worth mentioning - I bought 100 of these batteries off ebay (admittedly a couple of years ago) for £9.00 inc p/p which works out about 90% cheaper than they are in the shops so worth checking out. Last as long as the shop ones too.

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