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String Troubles

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Hello! About a year and a half ago i bought a re-issue mid 50's Black Beauty Les Paul Custom. The one seen here.


It had been working wonders for me for about a year and then my bottom string started to break more often than normal at the bridge. Lately it has been happening within a week or 2 (keeping in mind that i have been playing for a good 5+ hours a day). I thought it could of been the following reasons.

- Sharp saddle

- Sweat and oils from my hand whilst palm muting

- Aggressive playing

- Angle between the bridge and the tailpeice


Straight away i thought it had to be the saddle that was causing this. Since it was a common problem among many guitarists and the stock saddle was a V shape. So i filed it down a little to smoothen it. The problem persisted. I then put it in the shop to get the bridge replaced with a new kind in which the saddles are in fact, little rollers. I thought this would do the job for sure. But again, the string would keep breaking.


I talked to another guitarist who ran a shop in my local town and he was telling me to give my strings a good clean and (especially at the bridge) put some lemon oil on it after i stopped playing. Apparently lemon oil is good for strings?


As for the aggressive playing. I wasn't too sure. I play heavy metal, songs from the bands Trivium, Lamb of God and Metallica. Fast and heavy songs. Ever since i started playing guitar i have pretty much taken in and mimicked their technique as to where their hands are placed on the bridge and such. I thought it could have something to do with the angle perhaps?


Take a look at these pics and let me know if you can spot something that could possibly be causing this. It is such a pain to keep on changing 1 string every week or 2. I have gone through heaps. Also, i have mainly been using .50 - .54 bottom strings. The one you see in these pictures is actually a .46 i think. It was the only one i could get locally. The nearest music shop with a more abundant supply is a good hour drive away.


Apologies for the quality.






Thank-you for your time.


- Adrian

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Are you using flat wound strings? It looks like it in the photos. You can see where the string is unwinding at the saddle.

Try changing strings, Ernie Ball light weight would be good for your style. and be sure and "lightly" lube the saddles

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