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Just got another great rock oriented book


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For my recent birthday my sister and her husband gave me a great book to add to my many dozens(200 or more titles)of books dedicated to rock groups and music.The book is called "Rock Connections-The Complete Roadmap of Rock and Roll" by Bruno MacDonald.This book delves into not only who's in what bands but goes into the most minute relationships that one group may have associated with others and has a great tracking system so that you can follow the chain of relationships and degrees of separation between different groups.I have only given it a brief look-see due to having at least 5 other rock biographies to go through before I can put in the time needed to follow all the roadmaps in it.It certainly appears to be a great reference book about the evolution of bands and what roots they may share with other bands,an indispensable tool for rock trivia fanatics like myself.

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