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Old Les Paul GA-40

Bill Moore

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My brother in law picked up an "old amp" for his wife, and brought it to me. It is mid 50's, two tone tolex, and has a Radio Shack alnico speaker. I changed the filter caps, and installed a 3 prong a/c cord, and fired it up. It sounds great!

I had every intention of replacing the speaker with a Weber alnico I'm not using, but I didn't. I ordered a tube for the tremolo, and need to build a back panel for it.

We went to eat at their house this weekend, so I took the amp to let her play through it, she wouldn't let me take it back. Called again Sunday thanking me for working on the amp. Guess when the tube comes in, I'll get it , and replace the back panel.

Did they use a screen or some other shield on the rear panel?

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