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I wonder if the New J-35 will do for Gibson what the new D-18 did

for Martin. IE: caused a bit of a buying frenzy ,as it proved to be a

fantastic guitar.

Time will tell, but I already have gas pains . [drool]


Nice looking guitar . Congratulations.

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I had a different experience with the new J-35. Played one at a shop a week ago and was disappointed. The shop seemed to have put some very light strings on it and as a result it had a thin tone, and no volume. The action was high with no visible means of adjusting it (other than taking the saddle out and shaving it down) and while the ads say it has Baggs electronics, I saw no evidence of that on the guitar. The guitar is very beautiful to look at, but it didn't even come close to convincing me to trade in a Taylor GS8.


To each his own I guess.

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I would if I had some good mics. The 35 does sound a little bit different than my 45's not as thumpy as the standard but probably will after a few months of playing. Has very nice mids. Very nice sounding guitar can't wait for it to open up.

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