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wall hangers


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I've never liked keeping my guitars on the floor. And i Don't see any reason to pay an absurd amount of money for a wall hanger. The Best hanger I've ever found was when I was working at ACE hardware and it looked like this!




then just get some clear rubber tubing (I cant remember the size) slip over each side, and trim to length. then just pre drill in a stud on the wall and hang up works beautifully, I kept 3 guitars up with this, my lp, V and sg.


thing is about 8 bucks, no shipping cuz you can get them local, any hardware store has them, fits just about every neck out their, I've found it wont fit classical guitar though, ahwell. and the tube isnt even 50 cents for a ft. so their :)

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I have some of the $10 wooden block-style I picked up at GC 5 or 6 years ago. The hangers have a rubber-like cover.

There has been zero reaction to the rubber from my Lester.


I can't find the exact model and they don't have a brand on them that I can see,

so I can't make a specific recommendation. They probably aren't the same now

as they were then anyway ...

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Got some of these for Christmas a couple of years ago and they work great. Drilled them straight into the studs.



Photo borrowed from Seismusic.com (http://www.seismusic.com)



Got ten of those in my house and they work great. I do cover the rubber where it touches the guitar with cloth tape (paranoid about reactions with finish)...and if you shop around, you can get them for around $10 -12 each.

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Have you had any issues with the hangers reacting with the nitro finish on Gibsons? There's always guys saying how some of the cheaper rubber products can ruin the finish.


It'd be interesting to hear your experience.

I have a 7 guitar rack that I hadn't bothered to wrap for my "non-nitro" guitars. Well, surprise, surprise. I discovered a "bleached" spot on the tung oil neck of my Carvin and my MIM Strat!!. [cursing] Needless to say, all foam parts on all racks/stands are now wrapped in cotton gauze. It isn't pretty, but it works.


Those cheapo hangers look great but I'm in earthquake country, so that ain't gonna happen [scared]

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