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(Top) AIUSA 1965 Lennon Casino, AIUSA Revolution Casino, Elitist Casino (Bottom) Elitist Dot and Jack Casady Bass, plus some Gibbys       (Top) Broadway, ES-295, Wildkat (Bottom) Elitist Byrdl

I just joined and this is my first post.   Here's my John Connolly Custom  

Posted Images







sorry for the poor pics, that's what's in my Photobucket, bucket...msp_mellow.gifmsp_glare.gifmsp_sleep.gifmsp_smile.gifeusa_dance.gif


That particular guitar is no longer here, another one sent off to another one of my youngest kids guitar playing friends, whom happened to like it, quite a lot actually. Some say the knob arrangement are an inpediment to the the play-ability, the volume and tone control knobs are not in a "user friendly" location...maybe. Later models have the control knob arrangement changed a little bit, a more horizontal "lay out". I took the proceeds and acquired this Ibanez sunburst fat thing, which, to me, is a nicer instrument, but that Emperor Regent is, as us New Englander's say "wicked pissah" too.



Just like my old one. Traded it in when I acquired my L4CES. Should have kept it as a companion to the L4. Oh well, lesson learned and never again! LoL. Yes, I never had a problem with the knobs aranged like that and I had a few Emperors since with the new knob arangement. No difference to me. Thanks for posting crust, appreciate that.

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Excellent, Zep!

At one point, I wanted nothing but black guitars. Had a black SG, Black Dot, Black Strat. I am going through a cherry and sunburst phase now... You have beautiful guitars! I like that black mando! I have a black Phantom of the Opera mando, but it mostly just hangs there on the wall with the banjo...

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My latest Epiphone: MM30E mandolin in ebony. It isn't a guitar but it is electric.




Also my Casino:




And my EB-0 bass:





msp_smile.gif dig the mandolin, actually, everything...smile.gif Some day I'll have an Epiphone mandolin, maybe. I do have a couple and can play a few chords. I'm continuing to learn, or trying to learn, more. msp_unsure.gif

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Bought this gorgeous Les Paul almost 2 weeks ago. I haven't owned a guitar in about 25 years and never an electric. I love playing this thing so much too. I can't hardly put it down. My wife has been very patient with me.


post-69958-024733400 1421284532_thumb.jpg



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Here is my humble but hard earned family - i love them!








Looking forward to chatting with you nice helpful folk - i've been a follower of this forum for some time :)




Very Nice, Ian!

Welcome to the forum! All of us are not big collectors, but all are players of the very fine line of Epiphone guitars!

Play well, Sir!


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