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new mic and soundcloud sample


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bought myself a usb mic from gumtree ( the uk equivalent to craigslist i guess ) and downloaded audacity for a bit of fun experimenting . have been using the iphone for a while recording myself and annoying you guys with my attempts.

so new toys at the ready, my saturday morning has been a bit of fun learning how to work all this stuff and i must say i'm enoying myself


here's what has came out



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Sounds fantastic BBG. The iphone recordings were good but you can really feel the depth and intric details of your vox and guitar. Sounds really great man.


The tune is great, of course I dont know it, who is the original artist, or is it yours ?


Did you capo on the 1st ?




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ta very much fellas .

its a ryan adams song EA , if i could write that i'd be delighted with myself .


its capoed on the third fret .


FB ... ummm ... ok

i recorded it then i normalised , equalised and added a wee tiny bit of reverb .then i took a bit of bass off . still a bit boomy in parts

i havent a clue what i'm supposed to do so its a lot of sliding things up full to see what difference they make and then

adding little bits of that particular thing ..complete novice .

but i'm having a ball


appreciate that you took time to listen

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thanks em...

thats actually something i was thinking of using the mic and recording for , the guy who gigs with me is great at harmony , i could use practice ... it isnt the easiest thing in the world to do ..


any tips from you Em ? your recordings always sound top class


btw , maybe u could listen to the other one i did as i know youre a dylan fan , i also tried one of his

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any tips from you Em ?

An idea would be to start the D-note harmony on the word sweet in what I hear as the chorus, , , and then maybe even go to the H-D-Fis-rooted line on second oh my sweet – only to return to the A on the may you one day come, , , conclusive line.


Perhaps wait til second chorus with the extended version – or the harmony it self.


These notes don't include capo.


Cheers -

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