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Anyone know what model les Paul this is?

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Hi lads


So I'm looking at buying a les Paul,Here's one that for sale close enough to me, seller claims he paid 2900 euro new from a Gibson dealer,

Serial number is 02902509, he thinks it's a studio model, I don't think so, if it is he obviously payed to much,

It's a 2002 model bought new in 2003


Can't upload the pics pics are to big, but heres the ebay link.



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Hello and welcome!


According to the Guitar Dater it was made on 17th of October, in 2002.


It's a Les Paul Standard in Honeyburst color.


It's so weird. The guitar seems genuine. Why selling it so cheap? Noone is bidding? Why the strings are off? Interesting!!!


Ask for more detailed pictures (especially about the headstock, front and back), inspection card, original bill.


Also, please wait for others to comment too. Maybe someone notices anything that's suspicious. You know, just to be safe.


Cheers... Bence

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