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  1. Well, came in today, there's nothing like the real deal...  The actual weight is 9.7 lbs, was advertised as 9...still seems to be pretty normal for a modern LP.

    Man.. opening the case..just that smell, sweet, sweet, sweet ..not a flaw to be found, beautifully made, it truly is a new era for Gibson. ..Compared to my old 90's studio this is in a completely different ballpark build quality wise. The studio is a great player too though.

    Also string spacing and the rest is perfect.

  2. 20210120_192137.thumb.jpg.2de7411fa9080182656237988bfce8e3.jpgToday I ordered a Gibson LP classic online at a German store. Not one of the big retailers, but a smaller family owned store. The son of the owner is a trained luthier/guitar builder.

    I live near Amsterdam in the Netherlands and we are in a lockdown. Normally I don't buy guitars online, I'd rather feel and pick them myself.

    But the owner answered all my questions and assured me that the guitar is a vibrant resonating  9 lbs. copy. Now it's in transit to the Netherlands. 

    One thing, I have been playing mainly Fenders the last 30 years and when I look at the picture, I find that the high e string is pretty close to the edge of the fretboard at the first positions. Or is this normal?

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  3. A picture. Bought this one online in Germany, we are in an almost complete lockdown. Not the most attractive top but the seller assured me its a vibrant resonating guitar at 9 lbs, and the best sounding one he had in the store. It's all about trust and if that's not the case she'll be going back. The store is very reputable in Germany and the owners son builds acoustic guitars too.

    One thing has struck me, is it normal that the high e string is so close to the edge of the fingerboard at the first positions?



  4. I live in Amsterdam, Europe, Netherlands, and there is almost no stock on Gibsons at the moment.

    I can buy an LP modern in Burgundy Red, as new for 1700 and have been offered a brand new Classic in Cherry Red for 1799.

    What would you guys buy abd why?

    Both guitars weigh about the same, around 9 lbs. Both have coil split.

    Input appreciated!

  5. On 8/6/2020 at 7:20 PM, DrHanz said:
    On the Gibson site I see that the fretboard of the Standard G45 now is made out of Rosewood in stead of richlite? That would justify the higher price for me. Richlite was a step down from walnut for me, to be honest. Do all new Standard G45's now ship with rosewood fretboards? Would be worth to wait for me...


    That appears to be correct, the shop I bought mine had two. One richlite and one with rosewood. I also prefer a "real" full wood guitar. I bought the rosewood one made in june 2020.

    How it will sound I don't know yet because I bought the guitar online and will arrive this coming tuesday.

    I am convinced the sound will differ somewhat as richlite is a very hard material.



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