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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was just kind of having fun with the "what do I do with my money now" comment. I'll park it in savings and wait for another deal. I doubt I'll see another deal like that again though. Sam Ash had two of those over the past few months, both in mint condition, which makes me wonder if they weren't demos. I really liked the 60's cherry burst and the ADJ bridge, but I suppose a regular Hummingbird would do in a pinch.
  2. Not going to matter - it's a Gibson. BBG - have you tried swapping out the socks for fresh ones? Sometimes the go bad.
  3. Can anyone tell me street price on a new Hummingbird standard?
  4. I've had my eye on this 60s reissue Hummingbird for a few weeks now, and next week I would have had the funds to finally buy it. But it looks like someone else beat me to it just today. Dang. What do I do with my money now??? https://reverb.com/item/2557101-gibson-ltd-1960-s-hummingbird-custom
  5. Congrats on a beautiful guitar! I was reading the other thread and saw that someone had bought it - I'm glad it was you.
  6. I like bearclaw, as long as it's not over the top. My J50 has just a hint of it here and there.
  7. Maybe a bit too esoteric for this crowd? I did notice the 60's J45 though, and love it. I played one of these (I think) at a local shop the other day and had a hard time not bringing it home. It had the cherry burst, adjustable bridge, and was stamped "J45 ADJ" on the center strip just like the real 60s deal. It was very light, had more thump and resonance new than my J50 does after 8 years of aging. Like I said, I had a hard time leaving it there. If yours is anything like that one, you've got a great guitar.
  8. Just out of curiosity - Does anyone here actually own a Hummingbird with a red spruce top? I was assuming that the TV model was adi since the J45TV is, but after reading the specs I see I was wrong. The Hummingbird TV is (or rather was) sitka.
  9. Thanks to all for the replies and comments. I'm looking at used guitars online, so if I do decide to buy I guess I'll just have to take a chance on what it will sound like. Definitely got the 'bird fever though...
  10. Just kind of daydreaming, thinking of selling a couple of my brand "M" guitars, and looking at various Hummingbird incarnations wondering how these two tops compare. Does it need to have a sitka top to get the sweet 'bird tone? How does red spruce sound - does it make something great even better, or does it push the tone too far to the harsh range?
  11. OK, not a straight braced D18 then. My first round guess is: 1. J45 2. D18 3. HD28V The first guitar sounded very J45/50ish in my opinion. The second sounded somewhat bright but deeper than #1. The third sounded much darker than the fist two. Again, my "listening with cheap headphones" disclaimer applies if I'm totally wrong.
  12. Wow, I pretty much got nothing right, except that I liked the first one the best (see my GAS wish list below). I guess I know what I like at least.
  13. OK, got to listen with some decent headphones. 1. L-0 2. OM-18A 3. BK 4. CEO-7 Whatever they are, I liked #1 the best. It had the least low end, but had a nice vintag-y tone to it. Very nice playing there, all the way around.
  14. Trick question! These were all the same guitar, only played on different days under different RH conditions... ...or maybe it was my cheap headphones. Anyway, I'll go with 1 and 3 being the Gibsons, but outside of that I have no idea.
  15. Thanks a lot Sal - I enjoyed the comparison. Those both sounded great, but I really liked the CW and the strings didn't sound brash to me at all. You have the best of both world there, with the J50 and the CW.
  16. Looking forward to the A/B no matter which strings are on what. Right now I'm enjoying a set of JP pure nickel lights on my J50.
  17. Wow - super nice NGD there! I love the throwback adjustable bridge. If you ever get the chance, I'd love to hear an A/B with your J50.
  18. Ahhhh, Bach. I thought you were talking about the narrow nut of the 65 J50. Is your 65 neck thinner than your Modern Classic? That would be skinny indeed! One of these days I need to find a 60s J50 to try out. My local Guitar Center had one last year, but it sold before I could get there to check it out.
  19. Is this thread about a signature guitar or a dream guitar? No matter, just dust off the 1964 J50 blueprints and crank one of those out for me, please!
  20. Del Drago and Boyd - The way I've read both of your neck posts in this thread, I think Del Drago is talking about the thinness of the neck from front to back, whereas Boyd is talking about the thinness of the neck/nut width. Is that right? My J50 has a skinnier neck in the front/back regard when compared to my other acoustics (Martin dreads with low profile necks), but the nut width is more generous than Martin's 1-11/16", and suits me better.
  21. I have a 2007 J50 that's the sister of yours. I bought it new from an authorized Gibson dealer. It has a white label that just says J50, but I'm pretty sure the model is a "Modern Classic". 1) My headstock logo is gold 2) As others have also said, I've seen brown Tusq in these era Gibson J45s and J50s. Mine has remained ivory color though. 3) It's probably a Modern Classic. Does it have Rotomatic tuners? I think all the Modern Classics had them. 4) I'm pretty sure the laminated fingerboards came a few years later. And for what it's worth, my serial number doesn't come up in the search link given above. Looking forward to the pics.
  22. My only Gibson acoustic is my J50. A few years back I started listening to Slaid Cleaves. I really enjoyed his music and he was pretty much all I listened to for 3 or 4 years. Shortly after discovering him, I started wondering what kind of Martin he played. Everybody plays a Martin, right? Seeing the pictures of him with his guitar, it didn't look like any Martin I had ever seen. I soon figured out it was a Gibson, which should have sounded really bad, stuffed full of socks and all that. But it didn't - it sounded really good. The more I listed to his music, the more I gravitated to the sound of his Gibson, which is a 1964 J50. Pretty soon I knew that I had to have a J50 and began searching the internet. Then one evening I was looking around at a local mom and pop music shop and was amazed to see a J50 hanging on the rack. They were previously a Gibson dealer, but were getting out of the line so I got a decent deal and walked out of there with a new (old stock) J50 Modern Classic. Since then, I've come to realize that the modern J50 is not braced like the 60's J50s, so the tone is not the same. Someday I'll own an early 60's J50, but just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  23. I don't post a lot, but I lurk a lot and thus observe a lot. Jesse goes in cycles. He posts like crazy for the better part of a year, then completely drops off the map for a year or two, then comes back with a vengeance. I've seen three of these cycles over the past several years on the UMGF and here, all of which correspond with him searching for a new guitar. I'm guessing if he finds his perfect guitar, he may never be back...
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