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  1. You can buy a Tusq saddle and just sand it down to height yourself. I did that after lowering the stock saddle on my J50 too much. I also bought a bone Colosi saddle for my J50 but found I prefer the Tusq over bone. Actually, right now I'm using an ebony saddle that I whittled myself, and like that better than bone or Tusq.
  2. Congrats. That J45 sounds mighty fine as well. I have a love/hate relationship with my J50. Sometimes I think It's the best sounding guitar I have, and then sometimes I think it's the worst sounding. Right now it's "worst" and has been sitting in the case for a few weeks. Time to get it out again... Sal, do you think you could do one of your A/B comparisons with your J50 vs. LG2 American Eagle? I've had the itch for a small bodied Gibson and would love to hear how the J50 compares.
  3. I stumbled across this guy's youtube channel and found a wealth of Gibson acoustic solo stuff. He plays several Gibsons solo singing style, so you can really get an idea of what a particular guitar sounds like. Not to mention that he has a great singing voice and plays the guitar well. Is this anyone here? Currently giving me gas for the J45 Donovan...
  4. Thanks again for the input - I've been out of the loop for a couple of days... BK999 - That's a great collection you have there! Thanks for the family shot. Jesse - I was actually hoping to go used and stay in the $1000-1200 range and pocket the rest, but if I could get enough out of my 00-18V, who knows. If I'm sinking $2K into a guitar then I'm probably going J50-ADJ or Hummingbird. Jjunk - Thanks a lot for reminding me about the laminated bridges (and fingerboards). I need to check the time frame on when those were out. Rmabler - Thanks for the date on the long scale. I'm looking for something more recent with short scale an mahogany back/sides. Willie King - Yeah, I wish I could find something close enough to try out. My local CL never really seems to have much in the way of high end guitars.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. The Blues King is probably the best choice for me because of the neck, and I really want something with a burst. BK777 - Thanks for setting me straight on the Gibson nomenclature. I never could figure out what all of those 0s and 1s meant. WK - It almost sounds like the BK has a bit of a straight braced sound, which is actually what I prefer. If they sound anything like the demos 12Radius has on youtube, then that would suit me fine. CBP - I think you're correct in that the older ones had a 1-11/16" nut. I really like Gibson's in-between size 1.725" nut. The 1-3/4 on my 00-18V is just too wide for me. Jesse - You're plenty welcome to come along, as I'll most likely be doing all this from my living room via the internet. I can post all of the links... I have an 00-18V I'm thinking of selling to fund this purchase. The only thing that gives me pause is that if I also sold my 000-28, then that would put me within reach of a vintage J50 or used Bird. I'm not sure I want to do that though.
  6. OK, thanks. I fixed the type in the thread title. And I actually finally got the search to find only posts with "blues king" in the post titles. I'm pasting the link to the advanced search function here for posterity: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&section=search&do=search&fromsearch=1 (there is a "search titles only" check box) I enjoy your do posts, BK777, and like a lot of your soundcloud offerings that you post (esp. ...weeps), but it was really maddening trying to search for posts about the Blues King. Your posts kept popping up, along with anything that had the word "blues" in it, or even words that have "king" in them (working, looking, etc). Maybe I was confused about the Blues King having a mod-v neck. Good to hear it doesn't. I'd really rather have the sunburst BK anyway, but the Pro comes with a nice case. I've read that the BK has a slightly shallower body than the traditional L-00, so I am wondering if the Pro has the same body depth. Also, is the L-00 body roughly the same dimensions as the Martin 00? Or is it more like the 0? Thanks to anyone who has some input.
  7. I've had my D18 and D28 strung up with JP Pure Nickels for a few months now and really like the sound, but I've never found a set of nickel (or monel) strings I liked on my J50. I'm going against most people's preference on that though, because from what I've read here a lot of people prefer them. To me they make the J50 sound too metallic or something. Right now I've got a set of Martin 80/20 med/lights on it and really like the way they're sounding. Not a Hummingbird, I know, but some food for thought on Gibson string preference. If anyone here wants to loan me their Bird for a while, I'll be happy to go through a dozen sets of strings for you and report back. Unlike most, I love to change strings!
  8. I've got the Gibson small body bug and have been looking on the internet at the Blues King. Then yesterday I also saw there was a Guitar Center special run called the L-00 Pro that looks to be about the same guitar minus the sunburst. Can anyone compare and contrast these two guitars? I know the earlier Blues Kings had bubinga back/sides, but I am looking at later hog versions. Also, the L-00 Pro lists a modified V neck profile. I have an 00-18V that doesn't get played because I can't tolerate the wide mod-v neck. I also had a D-18V I sold partly because I didn't like the mod-v neck (it was narrower than the 00-18V neck). Can anyone tell me how the Gibson neck compares? The Blues King lists a "comfort contour" neck, but it seems I recall reading it also has the modified v. Can anyone set me straight on that? Blues King L-00 Pro And one more request... Can anyone tell me how to search this forum for "blues king" without pulling up every post made by BluesKing777?!?!
  9. Here's what I heard... The ebony pins made the trebles in the quickly strummed parts sound a bit more tinny. Was that the pins or mic placement or user effect? The ebony pins also seemed to make the edges of the individual notes a bit softer, so that the sum of the notes (chords) had a mushier or duller sound when strummed. The plastic pins have a better, more "Gibson", tone in your recordings, and just sound better to my ear. I've experimented with different pins in my J50, but always came back to the original plastic. I've also tried ebony pins in my 000-28, D-28, and D-18, but again came back to plastic. In the martins they just sound too dull.
  10. Love the tone - definitely gas inducing, but I don't think it can be properly judged until we hear a few bars of Angie. I thought that was mandatory for all Hummingbird demos... Seriously, it sounds great. I'd love to hear a side-by-side comparison with your D18 and D28.
  11. If you're going with a round shoulder Gibson dread, you can get great deals used. It seems like people practically have to give away used J35s and J15s from what I've seen lately. Also, don't forget the late model J50. Those don't command much of a price on the used market either. It seems like J45s hold their value the best out of all these. Congrats on your Hummingbird. That one's a major want on my GAS list (and I'd even settle for a standard).
  12. I didn't hear your first recordings, but these sounded allright to me. I enjoyed listening. Your guitar playing and tone is excellent! As Sal said, I've found it's easier to stay on pitch (more or less) when I push my voice to sing louder. I have a low voice, and I find I sounds best when I'm pushing it at the top of my range. Not that I'm much of a singer, but that's what I've observed. What guitar do you have? Is that a 60s J45 in your soundcloud pic? I really love the tone.
  13. And thanks to all, by the way, for their insights in this thread. I've never really been into Donovan before, but I've learned a bit now.
  14. A couple of weeks ago I was checking out the J45 Donovan reissue and found a youtube clip of him performing Mellow Yellow. In it he said he and Lennon would sometimes peruse the newspapers for inspiration if they were stuck for lyrics on a particular song. He said that's when he came across an ad for a "marital aid", and then he launched into the electrical banana verse of MY. So unless this story is apocryphal, it should definitively answer the question of what the electrical banana refers to. Here 'tis:
  15. Thanks Sal - that's good to know. If I ever do decide to pull the trigger, I'll keep my eye out for a used SCCW. Badger - your limited Hummingbird sounds like a very fine guitar. I'm pretty sure the Hummingbird Pro is the same body shape as the Artist, so it's only a 'bird in name only. Now what I'm wondering is how the Hummingbird bracing has changed since the inception. Does anyone know of any websites that document this?
  16. I guess what I never directly said in this thread is that I was interested in a guitar that is shaped, braced, and sounds like a Hummingbird. Does the CW have 'Bird bracing? Does it sound like a 'Bird? Thanks for everyone's input. Dave
  17. Thanks for the offer, but I'm really not ready to buy right now. Jesse Dylan's big trade-in odyssey got me to thinking about selling off a couple of small body Martins for the funds to buy a J-50ADJ or a Hummingbird. If I do that I'd most likely choose a used 'Bird over a CW. If there was a poor man's 'Bird out there that could be had for the price of one used Martin though...
  18. Very nice guitar! So I guess the CW is about the closest thing to a no-bird 'bird that there is? I was kind of hoping there was some overlooked poor man's 'bird out there somewhere, but maybe it's the real deal or nothing. Those CWs certainly don't go any cheaper than their Hummingbird counterparts.
  19. I remember a few years ago reading the copy in a Musician's Friend catalog, billing the Hummingbird Artist as a "no-bird 'bird". But the body shape (and I'm assuming the bracing) is not the same as a Hummingbird, so it can't be a NBB. Then there is the J-30 that is sometimes referred to as the "poor man's 'bird". If you look on youtube, you will see a coupel of people with a Hummingbird pickguard stuck to these. But it's long scale, so it's no NBB. I can't remember the name, but there was a mid-60's square shoulder Gibson dread that looked to me like it could be a NBB, but I have no idea of what the bracing was like. So is there a no-bird 'bird out there somewhere? Just pondering...
  20. Awesome trade and beautiful guitar. Congrats!
  21. No, that silent guitar, as well as the zero fret, are both reptilian-derived technologies. If you want to discuss those, please start a new thread. This one is for space alien technologies.
  22. Actually, G-force tuner technology is based on back-engineered alien technology recovered in the Roswell wreckage. The guitar you are referring to does exist, but not at Area 51. That location is just a government dodge to divert our attention away from the actual location where most of this sort of thing is taking place. The rest of the alien guitar technology is coming, but you must be patient. This sort of thing has to be doled out slowly, so as not to alarm the public (as you said).
  23. Thanks for the bracing information. I was just wondering if this guitar could replicate the mid 60s J45/50 sound, but without the bracing I doubt it. I guess if I want that sound I'll have to go vintage...
  24. Does anyone know what the bracing is like in the J45 Donovan? Is it like the bracing was in 1965? Somehow I'm dubious. Has anyone played one? Does it sound like a 1965 J45/50??? Thanks, Dave
  25. I replaced the Tusq saddle in my J50 a couple of years ago, but I've still got the original (sanded it down too far). It is a bit darker than the newer one, but nowhere near that color of brown. Mine is more like an off-white. My J50 sits out quite a bit, but it has never been in direct sunlight, so maybe that's what turned the saddle brown.
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