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  1. The large pickguard on my J50 covers the rosette, but is symmetrical and I like the look. The pickguard covering the rosette on the example above (and on others posted in previous pickguard threads) looks asymmetrical and misplaced to me. I voted for both options above!
  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Sal. Unfortunately that's about $5500 more than I have in liquid guitar funds right now. If I eventually buy something, I'd have to sell some instruments, and would realistically be looking in the $2K range at early/mid 60's J50's.
  3. Sounds like I'm in the ballpark with my 6/64 low E string height. I'll take the new saddle down to 5/64 (when it gets here) and see how I like it. Thanks to all who replied.
  4. I'm just wondering what string height people are running on their short scale Gibsons. I've never had a setup done on my J50, but the factory action at the nut is very low. String height at the 12th fret was a bit high, but it was very playable in the first position and up to about the 5th fret so I've kept it at the factory height since it was new. I did take the under-saddle pickup out early on, so I'm sure that lowered it a bit. So the other night I started wondering how the J50 would play/sound with a lower action. I dug out that Colosi bone saddle I never really cared for and started sanding away. I'm not sure how high the 12th fret action was to start with on the factory saddle, but by feel it's a bit lower now at 3/32" on the low E. While that's a respectable action height, there's still room to go down. I kind of hate to take the expensive bone saddle down any further just as an experiment, so I ordered a new Tusq saddle and will take it down lower. How about everyone else? What's yer action?
  5. From what I gather, the modern classic is the same as standard (I could be wrong though). I just wasn't aware that Gibson was still making the J50 (I was wrong about that!).
  6. Sorry I can't remember from your other posts, but is your J50 one of the Fuller's customs or some such? I was thinking Gibson stopped making a production J50 a few years back.
  7. Well, then the obvious thing to do is to buy the J35, string it up proper, do some extensive A/B-ing with your J50, and then return it to Sam Ash. OK, just kidding! Thanks a lot for the sound clip -- it sounded really good. I'd love to hear one of these A/B'd with a J45 or J50, but I'm sure someone will do that on youtube in the near future. Just curious Sal, what year if your J50?
  8. I go back and forth over which gauge strings I like best on my J50. With some 13's it seems like it loses a lot of that Gibson magic tone, but some brands of 12's sound thin. Right now I've got DR Rare 13's on it and it sounds about perfect. They don't choke the sound at all, and give the guitar a lot of focus. They make it play a bit stiff though. I mainly flatpick and strum, so fingerpickers may not like them as well.
  9. I've experimented with both ebony and ivoroid pins on my J50, but always came back to the cheap plastic factory pins because they give the tone I want. I also put a bone Colosi saddle in it, but switched back to the (plastic?!?!) factory saddle because I think it sounds the best. I've found the same thing with my Martins -- I prefer the plastic pins with a Tusq saddle (sometimes bone saddle). Maybe my tastes in guitar sound run cheap?... :unsure:
  10. I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone for all of the input, esp Jeff for the Fullers details! Sal, your CW sounded really nice, and a square shoulder Gibson is definitely on my "want" list (but probably a Hummingbird). I've been trying some different strings on my 07 J50 the past several days, and getting some nice tones out of it. I'll hopefully end up with a vintage J50 someday, but it would be hard to sell my current one.
  11. Thanks again to everyone for all of the great information. I've been sorely tempted more than once by a vintage J50, but have never taken the leap. I'd love it if the upcoming J35 had non-scalloped braces, but that's probably a long shot. It seems everything is going away from that type of sound. TM - than you for your generous offer. I will send you a PM!
  12. Thanks for all of the suggestions, and thanks for pointing me to your youtube page Jeff. The 64 reissue is very interesting, and seems to have more of the sound I'm looking for. It's too bad that Fullers Gibson inventory is currently not available to view online.
  13. OK, thanks. Those pics got me all excited, thinking this was a production "new J35". Can't wait for those to come out to see what the specs are...
  14. Very nice! What does it mean that the label has "Chicago Music Exchange" written in it? Sorry I'm not very steeped in the ins and outs of Gibson labeling. This is a production model J35 and not a custom, right?
  15. I'm referring to scalloped vs. non-scalloped braces/tone bars. As I understand it, Gibson went to straight (non-scalloped) braces on the J45/50 in the late 50's, which continued through the 60's. Listening to 60's J45/50's on youtube, they have a different (stiffer, more nasaly) sound than my current J50. I really like the straight braced sound, so I'm wondering if anything in the current lineup comes close.
  16. Is there anything in the current Gibson lineup that captures the straight-braced sound of a 60's J45 or J50?
  17. Oh please oh please oh please be a straight braced guitar!!! I'm really hoping for something that harkens back to the 60's J45/50 sound. I'll almost surely buy one if that's what this is.
  18. Hi Brian, I sent you a PM with some questions about that particular A-9! Dave
  19. Yeah, it was just a joke.... but after looking around on the internet I guess that vintage one is actually a Gibson classical from the 60's so maybe the joke's on me. That bit about it sounding good with any stings though...
  20. Yeah, you're right. I probably shouldn't get in too much of a rush over this. Looks like this is some sort of shop running ads on cl, so I need to go there and play 'em both for an afternoon or two. They say the vintage Gibby is strung with classical strings but would sound good with any strings. Do you think I should ask them to throw a set of EJ17's on it, since that's what I normally play on my J50?
  21. Both of these showed up recently on my local craigslist, but unfortunately I can only afford one. Please help me decide... Hummingbird http://bn.craigslist.org/msd/3476188997.html Vintage Gibson http://bn.craigslist.org/msd/3474279976.html
  22. Try as I might, I couldn't quite follow this one... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Blindboy-Fuller-Gibson-Hummingbird-Guitar-At-The-Grave-Site-Of-Blindboy-Fuller-/271055457191
  23. Congrats on the J-50! As far as I know, the J-50 was discontinued as an actual model a few years ago. I bought my 2007 J-50 as new-old-stock in the fall of 2009. Is yours a current year model? Just curious if Gibson is bringing this one back...
  24. I replaced the Rotomatics on my J50 with these 3-on-a-plate Kluson Deluxe tuners: http://elderly.com/accessories/items/WD90NPP.htm I love the look! The buttons match the binding nicely and they weigh much less than the Rotomatics. The downsides are that you have to drill new holes, they cover the serial number a bit on the back of the headstock, and the giant Rotomatic washers left indentations in the headstock that the Kluson bushings don't cover (the indentations aren't all that noticeable though). I tried some StewMac restoration tuners (3 on a plate kind with white buttons) before the Klusons, but those were rather cheaply made in my opinion. I didn't care for them at all.
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