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  1. Congrats on a good find bluezguy!


    I've had quite a few 335s over the years and currently have tow '59 Historics.

    All my others have been Memphis produced.


    I like the fat necks of the '59 335s but have been just as content with my other 335s.

    Th last one I had, which I'll miss to the ends of the earth, was a '99 Memphis model and it had it big time.

    Great playability, feel, and tone.


    Enjoy the new one!


    The Memphis factory did not exist in 1999. A 1999 ES-335 would have been built by Gibson USA.

  2. That's an interesting ES 335, but the features don't quite add up to 1981. The coil tap, trap tail, witch hat knobs, and block neck all say pre 1981, probably 1979. It's hard to judge the nut width from the photo--could be either 1 9/16 or 1 11/16. In any case, get the serial number before deciding what year it is. Go to Charlie Gelber's excellent website, es-335.org, for some of the best info out there on vintage ES 335s.


    My own Gibsons include a 1948 J-45 (owned since 1966), a '68 ES 335-12, and an '09 Nashville '59 ES 335 Historic.


    Good luck.


    best acoustics I've ever heard were a '46 and '47 J-45.

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