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  1. Ahh Ok, Hey if you dont mind we asking what kind of hard case's do you have.
  2. Are you saying huh because of the euro bit?
  3. I got a case at a pawn shop today where i live it only came to 40 euro so im happy with what i got.
  4. Everybody's saying the world is coming to a end tomorrow because those people over in frace are doing that test to find out how the world started i was talking about it today and i was thinking if it did happen what would you be playing. I'd be playing my Epi Dot and some blues before i go and meet the maker. I was talking to my parents about it and i was saying id be sitting there playing on my dot while everybody is running around shouting what we gonna do LOL True Story.
  5. Hey, That andertons place is pretty cheap for a case your talking 70 or more for a new case on ebay, hey ron you didnt offend lol I really like the idea of going to a pawn shop or guitar place and asking for old case's but since the only guitar place in my town is pretty crappy they only sell black fender telecaster's and stratocaster's so i cant see them having any case's at all but i do however have a pawn shop in my town so i will go there, Sorry abit off topic but when i was getting my epiphone dot i went to my local music shop and asked about them getting in a epiphone or having any b
  6. Gonna buy a hard case and i wanna buy it cheap dont mind it second hand, can someone please give me a few site names for the case cheap and i live in europe so sites that deliver to europe to. Thanks.
  7. Nice Les paul, but i think your right in offering 300 but would you go to 500?
  8. Hey john good video's nice casino and did you write those songs cause there guite good
  9. I wouldnt mind one, i think they stopped making them they prob did but if u bought one u would have trouble finding the amp for it Edit: i was looking on google images there now, and i think you can get one without the amp controls on the guitar its self Sorry i didnt read the thing you posted they guitar will still play on a amp without the matching amp.
  10. Did anyone ever hear of the epiphone Professional ?
  11. Im liking this guitar abit like the coronet or is it the coronet? dunno but i can see myself playing this guitar
  12. Im a kinda that wouldnt change anything on the guitar, i would leave the stock pickups in and stuff Yeh the purple burst is amazing
  13. Yeh been GASing for one ever since i got the free poster with my dot of the Casino btw. Looking forward to see the pictures to.
  14. Gibson????Look at this follow the link does gibson make this it said they do but i dunno.
  15. Nice firebird i think i like the Les paul next to it better tho
  16. Where could i get a WHITE pickguard for a ES 355 from a European dealer?
  17. Yeh i seen that they would be visable just after i posted anyway thanks
  18. Can you buy one and put it on your Dot?
  19. Can you tell what these are called Cheers.
  20. Hey Cheers guys yeah i was thinking im gonna need to buy one but i dont fancy forking out about 90 pound for one ill check ebay. Thanks Guys.
  21. Can u put a Epiphone dot in a normal gigbag?
  22. Some Videos The Who - Pete The Who's bass player seems to be playing a Epi to.
  23. What you guys think of The Epiphone Coronet I know nothing about this guitar only than Pete doherty Plays it sometimes and he did play it at the Reading and Leeds gig this weekend Btw, this aint my guitar.
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